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Keisha brown Surfer

As soon as I smelled this Grabba I made the purchase. Then I smoked it I said oh yeah it’s Buss’n too.

Nyema smith Surfer

The quality of this Grabba is something like I never smoked before. The Grabba was clean flakes no dust

Dayshawn curry Surfer

Love love love the packaging of this Grabba. It shows that they truly had their customers in mind. The Grabba taste right with each pull.

Vanessa Santiago Surfer

Finally some real fresh Grabba in these streets. The Grabba is Buss’n cuss’n.

Heather grant Surfer

If you didn’t try BUSSHEAD Grabba you are definitely missing out. Been a dedicated customer since my first purchase. I suggest you find you an authorized dealer and get you some.

Big Draco Surfer

Get in tuned with the packaging of this Grabba. I am hooked. From the packaging to the Grabba it’s amazing. The Grabba is legit dark and clean. So get you some BUSSHEAD Grabba. Tell A Friend to Tell A Friend to Tell A Friend.

Sean beck Surfer

Best Grabba on deck. Definitely one of the top Grabba I ever smoked.